Often times we will encounter a household that is experiencing troubles with their HVAC unit and many times it is a direct result of older technologies interrupting the overall experience of a functional HVAC system. We recommend that every household switch to a digital, programmable thermostat which will ultimately bring you the most satisfaction from your HVAC system.


There Is Money To Be Saved!


Older, analog thermostats, due to the ageing process of their technology, are inefficient when it relates to the economic value. Analog thermostats traditionally run the same temperature at all times of the day. For example, say you have your air conditioner running all day to maintain a balanced temperature inside the house; as the sun sets and the air outside of your home begins to cool, you are paying an egregious amount of money to sustain that temperature, instead of turning it off and being equally as comfortable. The change in only a few degrees can add up to significant expenditures as a homeowner, whilst still paying for other services like TV/Cable, natural gas and running water. In the long run, the money saved from setting accurate temperatures could be enough to pay for months of mortgage payments or maybe even a new car.


Dependable Temperatures


To touch on the last point, programmable thermostats allow for you to customize the temperatures inside your house to account for temperature patterns in your area. At 1 PM, when the sun is beaming in on your house at full strength, you may want your air conditioner to account for the change in temperature so you can comfortably cool your house. Then, at 7 pm as the sun begins to set, you wish to conserve energy and significantly decrease your air conditioner’s power, you can schedule it to power down. At some points in the day, you really do not need to feel the full capability of your air conditioner as it can leave you feeling uncomfortable and chilled or vice versa. With a programmable thermostat, you can set it and forget it and enjoy scheduled comfort at each point of the day.




Air conditioners last a long time, starting from when they are brand new. Over time, they begin to lose the strength that once made them effective and useful on hot days. Many households overuse their air conditioner and in-turn, have burned them out, requiring major maintenance or a replacement. A programmable thermostat will help you use your air conditioner at times that you truly need it and stop you from using it in times where it could be turned off. This over time, will give you the most use out of your air conditioner and slow down the ageing process of your unit.


If you have any inquiries about upgrading your thermostat to a digital one, please call us at 519-252-2699 or visit us online at www.absolutecomfortcs.com. Happy Summer!