It’s officially August, and that means that there Summer is nearly halfway completed! While the beautiful weather may still be around for a while, you may notice the temperatures are beginning to drop frequently, and there is less of a need to run your air conditioner throughout the entire day. Restricting the use of your air conditioner in colder parts of the day will help sustain the life of your HVAC unit and will also decrease the cost of your energy bill. Here are a few ways you can keep cool in the dying days of Summer without overusing your air conditioner:


Open Your Windows


By shutting down your air conditioner and opening the windows to your home, can invite a welcomed breeze into your home, keeping your house cool and comfortable. Obviously, on sweltering days when the air is humid, and there is a lack of flowing air from the outside it’s perfectly acceptable to crank the AC up and cool down your house. On days where there is a breeze, it can be just as effective for you to turn the AC off and let a brisk breeze cool the temperature inside your home.


Power down during the night time


Many homes we visit often have issues with their HVAC units because they are overused and this is because families leave them running during the cooler part of the day, especially at night. As the sun sets, the outside temperature cools down, and so does the temperature inside of your house; you may not notice it if you run your air conditioner throughout the night, but it is worth giving a try. Partner this with shutting off your AC at night with a house of opened windows and it may feel as cold as if your air conditioner was running!


Use Fans


Another effective way to keep your house cool without using an overabundance of energy is to run fans in your house. Strategically placing fans inside your house to maximize the effectiveness of the circulation of air inside your home is a great way to stay cool. Many homes have ceiling fans that are never used, and usually, collect dust. By utilizing ceiling fans and the strategic placement of oscillating fans around your house, it will have your home feeling fresh and refreshing on a warm day with your air conditioner off.




Adjusting your habits before Autumn can help you save money and improve the lifespan of your current HVAC unit. As the hottest days of Summer wind down, you will not need to run your air conditioner as frequently, and you will be doing more harm to your unit than good. At Absolute Comfort, we highly recommend a system maintenance check-up before you completely turn off your AC before the winter months. We will ensure your unit is in good standing for the next Summer. Contact Absolute Comfort today, and book an appointment!