It’s Time To Check Your Heating & Cooling Systems

You may or may not be aware of this, but your heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance checks. Think of your HVAC system as a car. Your car needs its oil changed every 5,000 km, fluids topped up and air filter checked.  If not attended to, things start breaking down or even blowing up! Your HVAC system works just as hard and requires similar attention.

With every passing year,  your system will lose some of its efficiency.  This loss in efficiency will increase your heating and cooling costs and naturally, shorten your system’s life. So whether you own a newly purchased HVAC system, or a very old one, we recommend you invest in annual routine maintenance checks. They should be performed once a year for both your furnace and your air conditioning system. The best time is at the beginning of each season – spring and fall.  This check-up will ensure your system works to the best of its ability all season for many seasons to come and will help to keep extra change in your pocket.

Giving Peace of Mind

Did you know that annual maintenance checks are required to maintain your heating or cooling system’s warranty with us? Regardless of the warranty package you purchased, you don’t want to miss out on its excellent repair coverage by neglecting to maintain your valuable investment.

Annual maintenance checks are also great for your peace of mind. It’s great to know that when the cold November winds blow, your furnace will actually turn on and keep your home at a comfortable temperature for a comfortable cost. Likewise, you’ll look forward to summer, knowing that your air conditioner will cool you off when the outside temps get to be too hot to handle.

At Absolute Comfort Control Services, your home comfort is our “absolute” priority. We offer a one system maintenance check for $89.95 (+hst) or both your heating and cooling systems checked for $149.95 (+hst).  We want you to “Stay Warm, Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable” all year round.  So take advantage of our great offer today by contacting us online or giving us a call at 519-252-2699.

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