When it comes to hooking up various gas appliances for the inside or outside of your home, underground gas lines are required. We at Absolute Comfort Control Services will provide you with the very best of service in the Windsor Essex area for all your gas line needs, because we’ve been doing it professionally and frequently for over 9 years.

Should you require new materials, we will provide them for you, or we can utilize lines that are currently in place. We install and service pool heaters, patio heaters, gas fireplaces, barbecues, clothes dryers, ranges, and any other household appliances that require a gas line.

Only our fully licensed and insured technicians will do this gas line installation for you, while abiding by the Ontario Gas Code Regulations to the fullest. You certainly wouldn’t want anyone less qualified because installing a gas line is a highly technical job. A technician needs to be versed in plethora of information about such topics as:

  • Piping and tubing, hose and fittings. What is the required clearance to the meter/regulator? What is the pipe size required for each specific application?
  • Installation of specific types of appliances, such as tankless water heaters or propane BBQ’s. What are the residential load requirements for each?
  • Venting systems and air supply for appliances. What is the required vent size for a specific appliance? What is the requirement size for combustion and dilution of air in the room containing an appliance?

As you can see, only a highly trained and qualified technician should tackle this job and you can rest assured that Absolute Comfort has your safety in mind when we send our technician to your door. Feel free to ask for credentials.

So whenever you need a new gas line installed, contact us for your free quote or call 519-252-2699 and “Get the Absolute Comfort Advantage” today.

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